Angel Networks

A complete and customizable solution for Angel Groups. Use collaborative tools to facilitate the end-to-end deal process, syndicate and increase member engagement.

Take Funding Applications Online

Reduce friction by collecting necessary data directly from startups on your website in a configurable, branded application form, that results in a ready-to-collaborate deal room.

Maximize Deal Flow

Increase the efficiency and velocity of your deal flow with a workflow process tailored to your group’s operations, with targeted information presented using customized lists and intelligent filters.

Manage Membership

Drive engagement with current network members and on-board new accredited investors. Leverage your network using profile filtering to find members with right expertise for due diligence for each investment opportunity.

Organize Pitch Events

Manage pitch events, organize screening meetings, send invitations and track RSVPs, and gather live ratings and investor comments using the event management system and real-time mobile app.

Streamline Due Diligence

Follow best-practices by implementing a consistent due diligence process utilizing standardized documents and to-do lists, automatically assigned to deal team members.

Create Deal Syndicates

Leverage the power of your network partners to complete larger rounds, gain access to additional deal flow, and collaborate with other groups for deal sourcing and due diligence.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “The ProSeeder platform has allowed CTAN to completely streamline our deal flow operations, from application to funding. Since we adopted ProSeeder to manage both our operations and our network, we have experienced a much more efficient due diligence process through increased levels of member engagement and collaboration.”

    Rick Timmins
    Rick Timmins Chairman, Central Texas Angel Network
  • “ProSeeder’s robust feature set has created efficiencies in our operations by refining our application process, while increasing the level of member collaboration throughout due diligence and funding. The portfolio management tools also provide our members with great insight and tracking of their investments.”

    Catherine Mott
    Catherine Mott Founder and CEO, Blue Tree Allied Angels
  • “As an experienced Angel Investor who was starting a new group, I found ProSeeder to be the obvious choice when choosing a platform to manage our operations. Their unique approach to platform configurations provided my group with a white-labeled solution that embodied all of our specific processes and preferences.”

    Susan Preston
    Susan Preston Managing Director, Seattle Angel Fund

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