Proseeder + Pitchbook = An Integrated Solution Combining Deal Flow & Data

ProSeeder and PitchBook launch an integrated solution combining deal flow and data

Innovation-Driven Companies Announce Collaboration at Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation Summit 2017

SONOMA, CALIF., January 25, 2017—PitchBook and ProSeeder announced a product integration today at the Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation (GVCI) Summit that will provide unparalleled intelligence for the private equity, venture capital and M&A industries, and is designed to improve the product and experience for current users of both services.

The PitchBook integration for ProSeeder allows users of the PitchBook platform to view detailed company information directly embedded in ProSeeder’s Deal Flow Management System. They will also have the ability to import critical, detailed PitchBook financial information and management team data via PitchBook’s recently released API.

“We’re proud to partner with PitchBook to provide an integrated solution that combines PitchBook’s high-quality research with ProSeeder’s purpose-built deal flow management system,” said Ken Gatz, CEO of ProSeeder. “We are innovating for the benefit of our mutual client base, with the goal of expanding the value they derive from each of our services, while increasing convenience and ease of use.”

“For PitchBook, this integration is an enhancement for our collective client-base given the synergies with our data,” said John Gabbert, founder and CEO of PitchBook. “We are focused on building products that meet the needs of our customers, and we see this integration as a great opportunity to streamline an important process for them.”


About ProSeeder

ProSeeder is a suite of business collaboration and workflow tools that enables corporate teams, venture funds, investment banks, family offices and angel networks to manage all aspects of deal flow and investment activity. For large corporations, ProSeeder empowers venture and innovation teams to achieve strategic objectives through partnerships, licensing and investment.
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About PitchBook

PitchBook is the industry’s leading resource for meaningful information about global VC, PE and M&A activity. PitchBook empowers over 1,800 clients to make informed business decisions by providing them with the highest quality information on the entire investment lifecycle through its flagship product, the PitchBook Platform. This award-winning, web-based platform features a powerful suite of integrated technology that meets the diverse, data-driven needs of the private markets.
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