Visualize the Difference

Unlike traditional deal management applications, Proseeder offers fully integrated and adaptive research capabilities to a wide spectrum of investment organizations.

Users source additional investment opportunities from a single lead, or initiate research by searching for related entities and events across Proseeder’s Discovery data repository and analytic platform to surface connections, competitors and investment relationships.



Identify New Opportunities

Pinpoint new investment opportunities that match your investment thesis and have historical success indicators.

Explore Industry 

Empower your investment team with the ability to visualize complex data relations, allowing them to identify and analyze patterns. and ask the most insightful questions.

Conduct Competitive Analysis

Gain valuable insights on competition to prospective investments and identify threats to internal business units and portfolio companies.


Back-end infrastructure for integrating, managing, and securing data of any kind, from any source, at massive scale.

Investment Team Collaboration

Centralize institutional knowledge and create actionable data for efficient communication and execution on strategic opportunities.

Business Process Management

Proven technology is seamlessly mapped to existing business processes, and produces operational results in days.

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