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Get Ready

Organize all of your corporate contacts into one system.

Get Connected

Maximize your Company’s exposure and get connected to more potential investors.


Get Funded

Communicate with investors without having to leave the system. Keep all your communications, pitch decks and investors in one system!

Expand Your Network with Global Deal List

Upgrade to Get Discovered by Investors. Tag Yourself, Get Found, Get Requested by Investors, and Approve Access to Your Deals.

One Fully Integrated CRM Platform for StartUps

Leverage Your Network for both Sales and Fundraising to Start Gaining Traction Today.

Present your Opportunity Professionally

ProSeeder’s PageBuilder makes it easy to create a stunning company profile page, craft rich updates & share them with the people that matter.

Manage Your Contacts

Control Investor Access to Your Confidential Information


Introducing Simple and Secure Document Signing with HelloSign

Icon in Deal Pipeline

After you’ve completed your profile page, you’ll stand out in the deal pipeline with an icon
placed next to your company’s name, making investor relations ever easier.

Manage Your Contacts

Control Investor Access to Your Confidential Information

With Basic ProSeeder, You Already Get:


Safely store and share all of your deal documents with funding groups who can see your deal room

Managing Your
Funding Application

Make necessary updates and edits to your company and deal information

Communicate with Your
Funding Groups

Send and receive communications with your point of contact at funding groups who have access to your deal room

Get Discovered. Get Funded.